About the Institute

Multiple Minds: Herniated Consciousness


The first physical manifestation of becoming an Empathic is to develop multiple heads, with multiple brains. These brains contain competing sets of information about how we are categorized in the order of the natural world. For example, one brain may contain information on being a plant, while the second brain may contain information on being a human. This in-between state allows us to tolerate our experience of crossing species, and also enables us to move effortlessly between human cultures.

Here you see a member of our community growing her second head. She is surrounded by trees—evoking the woods of Greene County, New York, where our Institute of Empathy is located—as well as baskets and other objects commonly found in Empathic habitats.

To enter ordinary human society, Empathics often wear baskets on our heads; this allows us to hide our second heads from the general public.


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